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Upland Vest Side View

V2 Upland Dog Vest

Our V2 Upland Dog Vest is the perfect vest for your hunting dog! It offers adjustable fit to fit all sizes of dogs and has a high visibility design. It is made of fast-drying premium boot leather with a skid plate for extra protection. You can choose between an all-mesh version for protection and breathability or an insulated version for protection and warmth. Both types come with a heavy-duty zipper for easy on and off and a grab handle for extra convenience.
  • Mesh

    The V2 Mesh Upland Dog Vest is perfect for hunting trips in hot weather. This durable vest is made of heavy duty polyester coated vinyl, and features a breathable mesh that blocks 93% of sunlight and keeps your dog's surface temperature up to 5 degrees cooler in direct sunlight. The vest is lightweight and adjustable, making it comfortable and secure for your furry companion. With superior protection and comfort, this vest is an excellent choice for your hunting trips.

  • Insulated

    The V2 Insulated Upland Dog Vest is designed to provide maximum protection for your dog during hunting season. It features a durable, waterproof and windproof exterior shell made of heavy duty vinyl coated polyester mesh to protect against punctures, scraps and abrasions. The 1.5mm neoprene middle layer keeps your dog warm and comfortable in colder weather, while the inner smooth nylon layer helps eliminate chafing for maximum comfort. This vest is adjustable and easy to clean, ensuring it will keep your dog safe and comfortable no matter what the season.

  • All Season Bundle

    The V2 All Season Upand Bundle is the ideal choice for the hunter who needs to be prepared for any type of weather. This bundle includes the V2 Mesh upland vest for breathability and protection in hot weather and the V2 Insulated upland vest for warmth and protection in cooler weather. With this bundle, you have the flexibility to mix and match the pieces to fit your needs. Get the most out of your hunting ventures with the V2 All Season Bundle.

  • Sizing

    Please contact us about sizing. We respond quickly and could help avoid an exchange. When measuring please measure the deepest part of the chest just behind the elbow. When measuring the belly, measure just behind the ribcage. If you are measuring at the top limit of a particular size, please choose the next size up. If by chance the belly is larger than the suggested sizing, please consider the next size up. 

    Please reference the sizing chart in the pictures*


  • Returns and Exchanges

    We offer a 30 day return policy from the date of delivery. 

    For exchanges due to sizing, we ask that the customer pay a $20 shipping fee - $10 for the return, and $10 to ship out the new vest.

    "Remember: please measure twice and order once!"

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